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LED Toplight V3 is designed to be used in greenhouse october lighting applications, replacing existing HPS systems with LEDs, or a new application. Due to the high light output (3000 μmol/s), it improves crop quality and annual crop yield.


  • Lighting Group General Cultivation
    Light Source Led
    Spectrum Broadband, Narrowband and Can be Customized
    Effect up to 2.9 μmol/s/W
    Thermal Management Passive
    Input Voltage 220V A.C
    Output 600W
    Max. Ambient Temperature 35C°
    Product Dimensions 260 mm x 1720 mm x 237 mm
    Angle Of Light 120 - 90 - 60
    Type of Installation Surface Mount
    Weight 22 kg
    Protection Class IP65
    Average Lifetime L90 B50 > 30,000 hour
    Power Factor >%90


    LED Toplight product is used on many crops; vegetables, fruits, cut flowers. In addition to the fact that the product has a standard growing spectrum, it can also provide plant-specific, special spectra. Thanks to the product that can be used with automation systems according to preference, it offers flexibility to the user during the growing period.

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