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The product, which has a value of 1000 Watt and has been used as supplementary lighting in greenhouses for a long time, is a dominant product in the market with its ideal optical distribution and cost advantage.


  • Lighting Group General Cultivation
    Light Source HPS Bulb
    Effect Until 1,7 μmol/s/W
    Thermal Management Passive
    Input Voltage 400V A.C
    Output 1000W
    Max. Ambient Temperature 35C°
    Product Dimensions 555 mm x 315 mm x 165 mm
    Angle of Light 120
    Type of Installation Surface Mount
    Weight 4 kg
    Power Factor >%90


    Our product, which is a pioneer in october lighting with its bulb and ballast version that differs according to the project, is preferred in projects with its compact design and ease of application.

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