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Grow Panel provides the installation of a special rack system in tissue culture facilities. This racking system increases the cultivation surface in the unit area. The light is uniformly distributed over the surface of the product. In addition, it prevents the environment from heating up.


  • Lighting Group Tissue Culture and Germination
    Light Source Led
    Spectrum Broadband, Narrowband and Can be Customized
    Effect up to 1.7 μmol/s/W
    Thermal Management Passive ( Aluminum Body )
    Input Voltage 44 - 50V D.C ( Max. 900mA )
    Output 42W / 600 x 510 mm
    Max. Ambient Temperature 35C°
    Product Dimensions 600mm x 510mm x 15mm (Customizable)
    Angle Of Light Wide-Angle - Uniform Propagation
    Type of Installation Surface Mount
    Weight 4,4 kg.
    Protection Class IP20
    Average Lifetime L90 B50 > 30,000 hour
    Power Factor >%90


    We provide the spectrum in many different variations according to the development periods of the plant. Grow Panel products are produced by designing the spectrum according to the product in different ways. Another feature of these products is the details on the product edge profiles, which provide practical solutions in practice.

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