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Stay tuned for the story of the transformation of a scrap 40-container structure into a modern aquaculture platform.


As SPECTBEE, we started the design and production process of the first container-type production station for commercial and scientific cultivation in August 2020.

A fully autonomous system will be established within the 40‘ HC container structure developed as a high-tech modern cultivation platform and EBB and NFT based cultivation will be able to be carried out. It is planned to start production of the developed container system by November 2020.

What you will gain when growing with

Spectbee Container:

90% less water consumption

Use of automation for optimization

Controlled Crop Harvesting

The possibility of receiving the same type of product at any time of the year

Providing logistic advantage

Non-use of pesticides

8 Times compared to normal agricultural practices getting more harvest

"As Spectbee, not only product sales are carried out with our container product, but also cultivation support is provided to the user in all its processes and continuous system support is provided according to the needs of the customer."

In the face of our increasingly depleted resources, we aimed to make a useful application by using many products that are considered worthless in different fields.

The targeted scrap here is the transformation of a container structure into a modern aquaculture platform.

As Spectbee, our product for commercial and scientific cultivation purposes has become an advanced structure in which hydroponic farming applications can be carried out with EBB and NFT type systems, all automation system controls can be performed, remote monitoring and control has a chance. Our product has passed many tests and has also been used in University research.



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